Gaara angrily scolding Naruto for being reckless gives me a lot of feelings




this upsets me

this upsets me too but if there’s a doujin i am going to buy it yesterday

huh. I’d fap to that.

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naruto and sasuke are going to do a fu-si-oooon!!!! and beat the shit out of her

right? Something like that anyway. My only question is how is Kakashi gonna get another sharingan like does that mean he’s actually toast this time around except I was so certain someone (coughObitocough) was gonna rinnegan everyone back to life (Neji! Shikaku! Ino’s dad! That dude with the Hyuuga eye!) but this week put the kibosh on that I guess

I’ve been having a lot of great fic concepts come from this run that I’ll never write and it makes me sad

If you thought 16 year old Naruto was getting creepily attractive (look the series started 15 years ago sue me) then wait until you see the latest manga and the prelim Naruto sketch for some mysterious new project like c’mon people Naruto’s dream is to become Hokage you think this series is gonna end just cuz some demon rabbit goddess comes back for her chakra nah son there’s gonna be another time skip and then politics all up in this shit (how do you top Kaguya though oh wait who planted that fucking tree hmmmmmm maybe that’s some shit)


If there’s anything the X-Men do well/often, it’s sleep with each other. And their enemies.


If there’s anything the X-Men do well/often, it’s sleep with each other. And their enemies.


when you’re out with your friends and someone really hot walks by 


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Charlie’s Angels AU where the Iwatobi boys run around doing errands their mysterious benefactor who they know only as Gou (seen in narrative silhouette always surrounded by a bevy of attractive mostly naked men) and then one day they have to rescue someone who turns out to be Gou’s brother but also their childhood friend who could it be it’s Rin you guys did you guess it


John Oliver’s message to the Internet Trolls to bombard

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  Leigh-Anne Eagerton, Lemon and leaves, 2011


  Leigh-Anne Eagerton, Lemon and leaves, 2011

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Shikamaru is sitting in bed staring at his ringing alarm and thinking about how troublesome it is to have to get up and turn off an alarm and Shikamaru just really *gets* me you know?

I really don’t remember Kakashi and Iruka spending much time with each other pre-shippuden does anyone know why there is so much fic of it ugh why am I even asking I live in a world with Sterek I should know better but another thing is Naruto is about ninjas I mean mostly it’s about friendship but it’s about ninjas why do AU’s (specifically high school AU’s) dominate the fandom so much like I wouldn’t even mind if they were ninja high school AUs like that is the most awesome thing ever who doesn’t want to read about that?


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Raven-Symoné could probably make a really good Monet St. Croix.



It literally says it might make you sweat. Just in a really fancy way. Lol

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The Gun by Moebius


The Gun by Moebius

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